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General 15Five Betterworks
Pricing $7-$14 per user, per month
14 days-day free trial
$12-18 per user
14 days-day free trial
Support & consultants Implementation best practices and support is included in all plans. Minimum annual contract required for customized training and onboarding, and a dedicated customer success manager Implementation best practices and consulting, dedicated customer success manager, standard and custom educational courses, technical support with less than 4 hour response time
Best for team size S/M/L M / L / XL
Customers Indeed, Citrix, Spotify, MailChimp, LinkedIn, TechStyle AOL, BMW, Schneider Electric, Kroger, GoPro, Sony Music and Shutterstock
OKRs and Weekly planning linked together Link weekly plans and priorities to Objectives, and track progress towards completion every week Full support for OKRs with integrations to project tracking systems like JIRA, Asana, Google Sheets and more
OKR features
OKR levels Company-wide, department, and individual OKRs Top company objectives and individual or team OKRs
Origination Bottom-up, top-down Bottom-up, top-down
History of how OKRs and progress changes over time Dashboards, activity log, historical comments, progress updates, archive OKRs Dashboards, visual history chart, comments, automated progress updates
Objective and Key Result status tracking Color coded, automatic, and robust metrics ($, %, €, etc) Automatic and color-coded
Company structure and grouping view Full visual OKR hierarchy with collapsible levels Company-wide org chart and goal charts view to visualize alignment across the company
Private OKRs for personal use Public and private OKRs
Core features
Download summary report for performance reviews CSV with detailed insights on objectives - owner, status, timeframe for completion, and manager feedback HTML, PDF, XLS, summary dashboards and email reports
Keep track of history of previous quarters and years Unlimited historic view for years, quarters, and custom periods Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly
Custom reports by time Unlimited historic views of data unlimited historic views for years, quarters and custom periods
Assign tasks and objectives Yes, link weekly priorities with objectives Assign tasks or objectives to anyone in the company
Visual dashboard
Real-time updating news feed
Communication Comments, @mentions, emojis Comments, @name mentions, #hashtags and emojis
Creates a habit of using OKRs
Customizable design logo + colors
Customizable categories
Setup users and teams Users belong to teams, which can belong to departments Users belong to teams, which belong to departments
Filtering, privacy, restriction settings
Technical & Security
Notifications Email, in-app Mobile, email and Slack
Update and access OKRs from mobile devices iOS, Android, mobile browsers iOS + Android
SSO Any that supports SAML2 SAML, Google Apps, OAuth, Ping, Okta, Active Directory, Bitium, Oracle
Integrations Slack, Zapier, API, Bamboo HR, SCIM, Namely JIRA, Asana, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google, Slack, HRIS and API

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