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Based on available data from their respective websites, comparing Spreadsheets and 7Geese, your choice could be Spreadsheets.

Please refer to the comparison table below to see your required features.

General Spreadsheets 7Geese
Pricing Free $12.50 per user
14 days-day free trial
Support & consultants E-mail support
Best for team size S M / L
Customers N/A Airware, Set Solutions, Nearsoft, Fluencia, Fullcontact
OKRs and Weekly planning linked together
OKR features
OKR levels Cascading
Origination Bottom-up, top-down Bottom-up, top-down
History of how OKRs and progress changes over time
Objective and Key Result status tracking
Company structure and grouping view
Private OKRs for personal use
Core features
Download summary report for performance reviews HTML + email reports
Keep track of history of previous quarters and years
Custom reports by time
Assign tasks and objectives
Visual dashboard
Real-time updating news feed
Communication Comments Comments
Creates a habit of using OKRs
Customizable design
Customizable categories
Setup users and teams Users & teams
Filtering, privacy, restriction settings
Technical & Security
Update and access OKRs from mobile devices iOS + Android iOS + Android
SSO Yammer, Google Apps, Onelogin, Okta
Integrations Zapier, Slack

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