Atiim is a SaaS product to help manage business OKR goals, improve team performance and execution, and maximize results.

Pricing $199 Basic to $799 Professional per month for up to 500 users, $2999 Enterprise for up to 5000 users
30 days-day free trial
Support & consultants Live demo & webinars
Best for team size M / L
Customers Audaexplore, AdvanedMD, Buildium, Caredox
OKRs and Weekly planning linked together
OKR features
OKR levels Company + Department + Team + Person
Origination Bottom-up, top-down
History of how OKRs and progress changes over time
Objective and Key Result status tracking
Company structure and grouping view
Core features
Download summary report for performance reviews HTML + email reports
Keep track of history of previous quarters and years
Custom reports by time
Assign tasks and objectives
Visual dashboard
Real-time updating news feed
Communication Comments
Creates a habit of using OKRs
Customizable design
Customizable categories
Setup users and teams Users & teams
Filtering, privacy, restriction settings
Technical & Security
Update and access OKRs from mobile devices iOS + Apple + mobile responsive web

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